PIERCE Coolers: Frequently Asked Questions

by The PIERCE Team on 11/6/16 12:58 PM

Folks love PIERCE coolers. These heavy duty roto-molded coolers come with all the ice chest accessories, a friendly price tag, and some amazing colors.


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When you're in the market for a cooler that's going to last more than a few weekends you want it to keep things cold, look great, and not break the bank. The PIERCE ice chest is what you're looking for. Read the PIERCE cooler frequently asked questions to find out sizes, colors, capacity and more. 45 qt gray Pierce rotomolded cooler

Q. What are the features of the PIERCE cooler? It is UV, hot and cold, and corrosion resistant. The cooler is made of heavy duty plastic and manufactured through a process or rotational molding.

Q. What comes standard on the cooler?

  • Cutting board, cup holder, and basket included.
  • The cutting board serves as a divider providing two organized sections.
  • There are two metal bottle openers, one on each side.
  • The 20 qt includes a metal handle with foam grips.
  • The 45 and 75 qt feature nylon handles with rubber grips.
  • The cooler is equipped with a drain plug and gasket with chain to prevent loss.
  • A black relief valve button ensures a tight fit and ease when opening.
  • The bottom of the cooler has four slip protective rubber feet.
  • The lid includes a ruler.
  • There are slots for straps to secure the cooler in order to prevent theft.

Pierce sea foam green cooler with ice chest accessories


Q. What are PIERCE coolers made of? Made of food grade LLDPE material. The coolers are rotomolded with polyurethane insulation. The material and the manufacturing process makes them one of the best coolers for keeping ice.

Q. How are PIERCE coolers made? Rotational molding is a plastics process that uses a mold, which is filled with liquid resin, or powder and incorporates continual rotational movement.  In the last decade improvements to the efficiency of the rotomolded cooler manufacturing process have lowered costs. Read more about rotomolding and rotocasting here.

Q. What sizes do the coolers come in?

PIERCE coolers come in three sizes: 20, 45, and 75 qt. To give you an idea of the size a 20qt cooler will fit about, a 45 qt cooler can hold, and the The 75 quart cooler is ideal when it comes to large groups, or weekend camping trips. 

Q. What colors are available?

The 20 and 45 qt coolers are currently available in gray, sand, marble, sea foam green, coral, and pink. The 75 qt comes in sand, gray, and white.


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Q. How long will ice last in the PIERCE cooler?

Ice can last up to five days and sometimes longer depending on various factors such as ice type, where you store the cooler, and preparing your cooler. For more information on keeping ice in your PIERCE cooler click here to read our article,  "Packing and Preparing your Cooler to Keep Ice".

Q. Can I carry dry ice in my PIERCE cooler?

Yes! It's important to keep the drain plug un-screwed in order to provide ample ventilation to avoid noxious fumes and the potential for explosion.

Q. Are their replacement parts for the ice chest?

You can purchase ice chest accessories such as: baskets, cup holders, cutting boards.

Q. What is the button for?

The black button on the cooler is for ventilation. The seal the cooler creates is so airtight that opening the cooler can be difficult. By pressing the black release valve, the pressure changes inside the cooler allowing the lid to be opened and closed with ease. This feature is standard on all PIERCE coolers and is just one thing that sets the PIERCE cooler apart from the crowd. We are proud to offer one of the best ice chests in terms of quality an economy.

Q. What is the warranty?

Comes with 5 year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. The following are not covered within the warranty: T-handle latch, drain plug and gasket, drain plug chain, rubber feet, nylon handles, handle grips or the accessories.

Read More: PIERCE Cooler: Top Selling Points, Packing and Preparing your Cooler to Keep Ice,


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