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by The PIERCE Team on 1/10/18 3:36 PM

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PIERCE Arrow Inc. is further extending the policy of returns for our PIERCE Coolers under warranty to protect you and our company from any unnecessary damages to the returned coolers.


PIERCE will credit or exchange coolers with a manufacturer's defect during the 5-year warranty. These defects can include any warping of the container or lid, failure to seal properly, or external damages to the mold of the cooler that appears to have been during production or before arriving to you as the dealer.



PIERCE will also replace any detachable parts missing or broken on the cooler during the first year of being purchased. These detachable parts include rubber latches, rubber feet, carrying handles, and purge valves. The container baskets, external cup holders, and cutting boards will also be replaced if they are missing before the end user receives the cooler. If the cooler needs one of these parts replaced and does not have any defect, then we will be replacing the part instead of returning the cooler for credit or exchange. The replacement of these detachable parts are not under the five-year warranty, but we will replace them if they meet the criterion above for the first year with proof of purchase within a year.



PIERCE will not be accepting any returns in which the cooler has experienced extreme damage. The cooler cannot be painted, melted, branded, burned, beaten, excessively scraped, or cut into in anyway to be received by PIERCE during returns. If the cooler does have a defect but is damaged excessively as described before returning to PIERCE, then the cooler will not be received under warranty.

PIERCE will accept returns to defective coolers under PIERCE warranty with wear and tear that is reasonable for a used cooler.

PIERCE Arrow Inc.’s warranty is to protect our customers from defective products and this extension of our return policy is to protect us and our dealers from loss on damages that should not be warranted.



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