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by The PIERCE Team on 11/6/16 1:03 PM

Pierce 45qt cooler in grayWhen you invest in a rotomolded cooler, you expect superior ice retention, durability and of course, ice cold food and drinks. PIERCE delivers even more. We include all the accessories. Plus, several features that improve the functionality of the cooler including an air button to easily open the lid. These products are the best coolers for keeping ice. PIERCE coolers come in more colors! So, grab one for every member of the family and have a great time outdoors, at work, or on the ranch. Read below to see why a PIERCE cooler will be the best ice chests you've ever used.

Product Line



 - Three sizes: 20 qt, 45 qt and 75 qt.

 - Roto-molded cooler

 - Made of food grade LLDP material

 - UV resistant

 - Hot or cold resistant

 - Corrosion resistant

 - Will retain ice for five plus days depending on conditions. Click here to read more about getting the most out of your ice and your Pierce cooler.

 - 5 year warranty*



The PIERCE cooler comes standard with the following ice chest accessories and features:


Pierce sea foam green cooler

 - Cutting board, cup holder and basket included

 - Release valve to let air out, allowing lid to open easily

 - Recessed drain plug

 - Rugger t-latches for easy locking

 - Stainless steel lock

 - Removable nylon straps (45 qt and 75 qt only)

 - Handlebar with foam grip (20 qt only)



One of our favorite things about the PIERCE cooler is the variety of colors. The 25 and 45 qt come in the colors you see below. The 75 qt currectly comes in Sand / White / Gray. 


pierce cooler colors

pierce cooler colors 


The PIERCE cooler is the perfect companion in a variety of settings and activities.

 - Work

 - Hunting/Fishing

 - Camping


Check out our Prezi!

Want a better look inside the cooler? Check out our Prezi:


*The following are not covered within the warranty: T-handle latch, drain plug and gasket, drain plug chain, rubber feet, nylon handles, handle grips or the accessories.

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The Pierce Arrow product catalog is chock full of info, FAQs and specs. Get yours by clicking below.

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