Pierce Cattle Siren: Top Selling Points

by The PIERCE Team on 7/20/15 4:00 PM

cattle sirenAfter a long day of plowing, you're sitting in your truck waiting for the cows to show up for dinner. When you realize the horn is no longer working. We're betting you're getting hungry and that, "I'll be home in thirty minutes," to your spouse expired an hour ago. What are you going to do?

If you're trying to decide whether to purchase a PIERCE cattle siren or trying to make the sale check out these top selling points:

PIERCE Cattle Siren: Top Selling Points


  • PIERCE sirens for calling in cattle
  • Using a switch, intermittently sound the siren and cattle learn it's feeding time
  • Spend more time feeding and less time waiting for cattle to come to the truck
  • Install on a truck, RTV, or ATV


  • Easy wiring
  • Metal construction
  • Loud - up to 1.5 miles away
  • Multiple installation options


  • Farm and Ranch
  • Hay and Forage
  • Cattle
  • Livestock

The siren comes in two models: standard and heavy duty check out the differences in the sirens in our article "Which cattle siren is right for you?"


PIERCE cattle sirens solve an age old problem for today's rancher - feeding cattle quickly and efficiently. Saving time, and your truck horn, the PIERCE cattle siren is an easy sale. When you consider the low price tag and durability, a PIERCE cattle call is a perfect addition in your farm and ranch setting. Our cattle sirens can easily be moved from your truck or ATV, for the days when you need to round them up faster than a truck could. Save yourself time and get both! 

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