Pierce Bale Spike Maintenance Guide

by Anthony Fairchild on 4/8/16 4:00 PM

ABS3K_5.jpgWhen it's time to get your hydraulic bale spike back to work for the season you need to make sure all parts are in working order. Follow this simple checklist to keep your hydraulic bale spear ready to go. The PIERCE bale spike should be inspected and maintained yearly.

Bale Spike Maintenance Checklist:

Step 1 - Check all terminals for corrosion. If corrosion exists eliminate with a wire brush or chemical removal. In extreme cases you may need to replace wiring systems.

Step 2 - Inspect power cables for any cracking or breaks that could short out. Over time cables dry rot and break so it’s important to maintain and replace your cable when necessary.

Step 3 - Check your hydraulic fluid. If your hydraulic fluid is milky, cloudy, or freezes you could have water in your system. Click here to read "Pump Maintenance: Flushing the Hydraylic System" for complete instructions.

Step 4 - Check for any bent or broken pieces that may need to be replaced, this could occur from overloading.

Pierce bale spike maintenance keeps your equipment in the field, and adds to the life of the product. Thank you for choosing Pierce. 

Anthony Fairchild PIERCE technical service manager


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