PIERCE ATV/UTV Cattle Guard: Top Selling Points

by The PIERCE Team on 11/8/16 12:43 PM

UTV cattle guard2.jpgThe PIERCE ATV cattle guard and UTV cattle guard are handy additions when using your 4 wheeler to cross fence lines, water crossings and other land issues. Here, we share the PIERCE ATV/UTV cattle guard's top selling points in terms of product, features and applications.


  • Made at PIERCE in Henrietta, Texas (USA MADE)
  • Components are schedule (10) 2" pipe and 1/4" flat steel
  • The cattle guards comes in primer gray, so they will not rust out and can easily be painted your own ranch color.
  • Breaks down for easy relocation and shipping
  • UTV will handle any ATV/UTV made
  • ATV will handle on ATV (4 wheeler) at a cheaper price



  • Crossing between pastures
  • Crossings for low places
  • Crossings for creeks and streams
  • Entrance crossing to pastures
  • They can be relocated to other pastures such as lease land very easily


Also Known As:

  • Steel Mobile Cattle Guard
  • ATV Cattle Gate
  • 4 Wheeler Cattle Guard
  • Drive Over Gate
  • UTV Fence Crossing


Please note: cattle guards should not be driven over by trucks or vehicles. Drive over the ATV cattle guard with ATVs and the UTV cattle guard with UTVs. 


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