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The PIERCE ATV/UTV cattle guard allows you to easily cross fence lines, water, and other difficult crossings. An ATV cattle gate makes maneuvering around your property convenient. Traveling your property at will is important when managing herds or covering space efficiently. Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions about the PIERCE 4 wheeler cattle guards.


Q. What is the cattle guard made of?

A. The guards are made from schedule (10) 2" pipe 1/4" flat quality grade steel. The bolts are steel grade 8 bolts.

Q. How much does it weigh?

A. The ATV guard ways 249 pounds. The UTV guard is 350 pounds.

Q. What are the dimensions?

A. ATV Guard - 65" (L) x 61" (W) x 9.75" (H)

    UTV Guard (shown above) - 94.25" (L) x 72.5" (W) x 10.5" (H)

Q. What is the warranty on the PIERCE ATV/UTV Cattle Guard?

A. The warranty is 1 year. Register/warranty your product by clicking here. Receive product updates and more with registration!

Q. How do I maintain the cattle guard?

A. Periodically inspect the unit for damage. Do not drive anything but an ATV or UTV over the cattle guard.

Q. Where are the cattle guards made?

A. At PIERCE in Henrietta, Texas

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