Meet Kyle Barnett: 3rd Annual PIERCE Pulling For You Scholarship Recipient

by S. Heacock on 6/14/17 3:00 PM

20170606_.jpgWe had the pleasure of meeting Kyle Barnett of Decatur, Texas FFA. He is the 2017 winner of $500 in the third annual "Pulling For You" scholarship. We took a few minutes to talk to him about writing his essay and his plans for the future.

How did you hear about the essay scholarship? Why did you decide to write the #Pullingforyou essay?

We were scanning through scholarships and we saw it. PIERCE supports the FFA, and I am going for as many scholarships as possible trying to go to college responsibly. 

Where are you going to continue your education?

Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. I plan to major in animal science. 

What made you decide on that particular field? What do you plan to do when you get finished with school?

I wanted to be a veterinarian at first. I got a job at a vet clinic and worked everyday in the field with cattle. It is a very demanding field.

I also worked in an IVF clinic in Wise county with my dad. I went in AI cattle to determine pregnancies and I decided to go into genetics. I am fascinated by the breeding process of cattle.

My goal is to be an embryologist. 

Did you know right away who you were going to write your essay about or did it take some thought?

It wasn’t hard. Me and my mom have been through a lot in the last year and I knew she’s the one who shows pulling for you. My mom is so supportive, all while going through her personal health problems, and loss. She's a great role model. 

Do you have any helpful tips or advice about writing a scholarship essay?

Be truthful, don’t be plain about what you’re writing. Show your feeling and tell a story. Having an amazing mom helps too.

We bet it does Kyle. Congratulations, and good luck in your journey to Sam Houston State this fall. We're excited about your future!

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