Lodar Solves Customer Complaints at Texas Pride Trailer

by S. Heacock on 3/30/16 10:36 AM

Texas Pride TrailersTexas Pride Trailers sits between Dallas and Houston off of I-45 in Madisonville, Texas. They manufacture high-quality low boy, and deck-over equipment, dump and roll off trailers. Their long standing commitment to quality, quick turnaround and customer service are a few reasons they're well known.

Daniel Bracewell, Texas Pride general manager of 15 years remembers the original remotes used to operate the trailers dump mechanics. “The wireless remote was the size of a car tire,” he reminisces. That was one of the reasons they chose to go with a company that had smaller remotes. “We worked with them for five years," Bracewell adds. "They changed the design to make it better, but it never really worked for us.”

He recalls constant complaints about the remote. “Customers would call and say things like: You can’t even sit in your truck and use the remote. You constantly had to re-sync the transmitter and receiver. If you dropped it, the remote would break. We don't have any of those problems with Lodar."

When asked how Texas Pride learned about Lodar, Daniel says, "Well, it's a funny story. One day a customer came in with a wireless remote he had found himself. It was a Lodar remote. The system he purchased wasn’t exactly designed for what we do, but he made it work. I started researching, and unbelievably in the middle of looking Tony called me on a cold call. I almost dropped the phone. I told him, Man you are not going to believe this, you are exactly who I am looking for.”

“Tony the LodarUSA sales manager, created a system that totally worked for us, and the complaints stopped. Going with Lodar eliminated all the remote issues," says Bracewell. "Lodar is a very durable product. You can stand hundreds of feet away and still operate the dump with the remote.”

One concern remained; Texas Pride Trailer’s quick turnover. Orders are out within 24 to 48 hours. “Tony assured us that would not be a problem and it hasn’t been. We always get our order from Lodar on time.” Daniel says.

Find Texas Pride Trailers on Facebook and online at www.texaspridetrailers.com

If you're looking for wireless remote options contact:

Tony Pope Lodar Sales ManagerTony Pope

Lodar USA Sales Manager

Phone: 940-264-4915 Email: lodar@piercesales.com

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