Lodar Seamlessly Controls Hoof Trimmer Cattle Chute

by T. Pierce on 1/26/16 5:30 PM

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Brandon Beavers of Lebanon, Kentucky has trimmed over 150,000 cows nationwide. Since hoof care and cattle care is so important to Beavers, he designed a chute that could help him more quickly complete the job and ensure a stress-free environment for the cattle.

Two years ago, Beavers started Extreme Chute Company and manufactured his first layover chute with the intent to have the hydraulics operate the cattle chute seamlessly. Basically, he created a patented solution for hoof trimmers to operate the chute without standing near the traditional lever set up. He is free to walk away from the machine as needed. In order to remove the levers from the equation, a wireless remote would have to be chosen for the machine to operate. They used Lodar remotes on seven units and a rival company on four.

“We experienced delays and terrible customer service with the other remote brand,” says Beavers. “They made me feel like the problems were my fault and when we did return the product, we got charged a large restocking fee.”

Without a custom wireless remote system, the chutes cannot function. So, Extreme Chute Company came back to Lodar and since then, they’ve been more than pleased.

“Lodar’s durability is good. We use the remote under pretty nasty conditions about 100 times a day and the Lodar works,” Beavers explains. “The customer service has been phenomenal. Lodar is like our company – you always have time for me and if I need something it’s here the next day.” 

Lodar is proud to be a helpful partner for Extreme Chute Company. The remotes are used on all their chutes including the truck mount, pro trailer, economy, stationary and vaccination chutes.

“I have a lot of confidence in Lodar,” notes Beavers. “Especially after using another company.”

To learn about Lodar, visit our product overview and the main hompage.

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