Lodar Handles Hydraulic Decks with Ease

by Andrea Lucado on 6/9/16 4:30 PM

Tuff LIft with Lodar RemoteBased in Post Falls, Idaho, Tuff Lift’s client list spans the globe from the U.S. to Canada to Russia. Since 2001, the company has provided hydraulic decks for pick-up trucks that can lift up to 4,000 pounds, allowing their clients to transport snowmobiles, motorcycles, watercraft and more.

With expensive equipment on the line, having a wireless remote to control their decks is crucial. Set in a northern climate, those wireless remotes must be dependable and durable in all sorts of weather.

Tuff Lift with Lodar wireless remote

Tim Volking, founder and owner of Tuff Lift, had been using a competitor remote that claimed to function at up to a 75-foot radius. “You were lucky to get ten feet,” says Volking. He also often had trouble with the industrial remote failing to make contact with the receiver through the antennae.

After about a year and half of dealing with these problems, Volking knew it was time for a change. He saw a Lodar remote online and called the sales team directly. Soon, he had a trial remote in hand to test out on his decks.

Tuff Lift with Lodar remote“It was a much better built quality product,” recalls Volking. “When it says 200-foot radius, it’s a 200-foot radius, so we’ve had extremely good luck with it.”

Other than the function and quality of the remote, Volking knew he needed to work with a company whose customer service priorities matched his own: fast and efficient. “When I call on a Thursday and say I have a client having an issue and need a remote shipped … I need it tomorrow. That’s critical to me because I have guys in Canada, the U.K., and Russia.”Tuff Lift hydraulic deck

Lodar has been able to offer him that quick response time. A few weeks ago when he had some issues with a mini remote transmitter, Lodar jumped on it. “I had two remotes the next day,” he says. “I’ve been very, very happy with the response time.”

Photos provided by: Tuff Lift

To see a Tuff Lift hydraulic deck in action, watch this video:


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