Is there a PIERCE Dump Bed Kit for a 2011 GMC truck?

by Chris Claeys on 9/6/16 4:30 PM

PIERCE dump bed kitThe PIERCE team receives emails and phone calls all the time about our dump bed kits.

Recently, Chris Clayes responded to a person asking, "Is there a PIERCE Stock Dump Bed Kit for a 2011 GMC truck?"

You may be wondering the same thing yourself. Read on to find out which PIERCE hydraulic dump bed kit will fit a 2011 GMC truck.

In short, YES, I have a PIERCE Stock Dump Bed Kit that will fit your truck.
Your receiver hitch may need to be relocated, but the PIERCE dump kit should work fine for your needs.
This hydraulic dump kit fits Chevy and GMC trucks 1999-2016. However, on GMC trucks, 2004 and newer, there may be an evaporative system that will be in the way that will need to be relocated, but that SHOULD be on 1500 trucks only.
I will note, that all Chevy and GM trucks using this kit must have the bed reinforced both transversely and longitudinally (side to side and lengthwise from the hinge to the upper frame cross members). This is detailed in the instructions.
All that I would need to ensure you have the correct kit is the length of your bed and your fuel type, diesel or gasoline.
Our part number on that kit, to avoid any confusion is DK2UCLB99K or DK2UCSB99K.
The only difference in the dump hoist kits is that one is for a long bed and one is for the short bed.
If you let me know your location, I can get you in contact with your closest dealer, as well as communicate with them as to the kit you will need, so pricing and shipping can be determined if you decide to purchase.
If you have any more questions, please let me know.
Thank you,
Chris Claeys PIERCE OEM and Parts ManagerChris Claeys / OEM Parts & Equipment
Office: 940-538-5643 / Fax: 940-538-4382
549 US Highway 287 S. Henrietta, TX 76365

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