DIP Industrial Infrared Heater: Top Selling Points

by T. Pierce on 1/5/16 4:00 PM

diesel heaterWith winter in full swing in most of the country, it's time to find the top portable heaters for your shop.

There are dozens of companies and portable diesel heater options available. We found the diesel heaters online have a great price and look very similar to industrial heater options; but, the metal is flimsy, it's not likely you'll be able to talk to someone if you have questions and they are difficult to service. 

portable infrared heater

When thinking about the comfort of our own team during our North Texas winters, we chose DIP Industrial heaters. The company is family-owned and service-oriented like we are. They are very responsive when we have questions and stand behind their product. Plus, unlike some overseas brands, they manufacture the product in-house. In addition, we appreciate the quality of the product and the fact that the heaters are super quiet compared to cheaper models. 

DIP Industrial Infrared Heater: Top Selling Points

  • Will not blow the gas away when MIG welding - makes for a perfect portable shop heater. 
  • Uses kerosene or diesel for heating. 
  • Includes a handle and/or wheels for quick mobility.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Features a temperature controller and safety device for ignition, overheating, and overload cooling function.
  • Heats very quickly. 
  • 2 year warranty.
  • For specification information, click here.


DIP Industrial Infrared Heater: Options

  • SF1 - 55,000 BTW / 7.5 hours of run time / heats 969 sq. ft.
  • SF2 - 90,000 BTU / 15.7 hours of run time / heats 1,776 sq. ft. 


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