How to Use Dry Ice in my Cooler

by The PIERCE Team on 12/9/16 7:59 PM

Dry Ice safety in you coolerMost coolers create an airtight seal when closed. When using dry ice in your ice chest, ALWAYS leave the drain plug open. Not leaving the drain plug open will build-up gas in the cooler as the dry ice sublimates, and WILL lead to explosion. For complete information on dry ice safety tips and handling dry ice visit

How to Use Dry Ice in My Cooler:

  • Always use protective gloves when handling dry ice.
  • Ensure cooler is VENTILATED by leaving the drain plug OPEN.
  • When driving in a car with dry ice, make sure your vehicle is ventilated. Crack a window.
  • Treat dry ice burns the same as heat burns.
  • DO NOT leave dry ice unattended around children.
  • DO NOT place dry ice on surfaces, the extreme temperature may crack or damage them.

To read more on dry ice storage, keeping ice in your ice chest and tips on keeping ice. Check out our article "Packing and Preparing your Cooler to Keep Ice".

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