How to Test Your Pump Solenoid

by The PIERCE Team on 12/6/15 11:43 AM

pump solenoid


If your equipment isn't working you may be asking, Is my solenoid bad? Here are step-by-step instructions on how to test your pump solenoid.


How to test your solenoid:

Step 1 - Make sure your solenoid is properly grounded. To ground the solenoid, run a small 14 gauge ground wire from the ground on the pump to the screw mounting the solenoid to the motor.

Step 2 - Make sure you have 12V to the solenoid (usually when looking from the rear it will be the large copper terminal on the left).

Step 3 - Using a jumper wire, (14 gauge wire 10” long  with alligator clips on both ends is easiest) jump from the 12V terminal on the solenoid to the activator post (the small post). You should hear a faint click.

Step 4 - Using a 12V test light, check to see if you have 12V on the copper terminal that connects the solenoid to the motor (usually looking from the rear the copper terminal on the right). If you do have 12V, the solenoid is good. If you don’t, the solenoid needs to be replaced.

If your solenoid tests as working then it could be your coil. Read our article "How do I test a coil?" for more information.

For a replacement solenoid click here.

Watch PIERCE Winch 101 Maintenance:


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