How to keep your winch grounded.

by Chris Claeys on 12/30/15 4:00 PM


how to keep your winch groundedA correct ground is essential to safe, reliable winching. You'd be surprised how many calls we receive asking if a "ground" is putting the winch on the floor! Here we highlight, "how to keep your winch grounded," as in negatively grounded to the equipment.

Step 1 - Connect either a number 2 (two) or 4 (four) cable directly to one of your winch motor bolts that connect the winch motor. 

Step 2 - Connect the other end directly to the negative (-) battery post.

Step 3 - Make sure the battery cable is not in direct contact with anything that is flammable, could melt or is moving. Use zip-ties to secure the cable.

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