How to Install the Badger Predator Call and Siren

by Anthony Fairchild on 2/28/17 11:34 AM

Badger Predator CallThe PIERCE Badger electronic predator call and siren is easy to install. Gather the tools and make sure you have half an hour. You'll be using your siren to hunt or feed in no time. 

To install the PIERCE Badger you will need the following tools:

1. Mounting bolts

2. Black tape

3. 15 amp in-line fuse

4. Wrench/Socket

5. Screwdriver/Drill

6. Wire connectors

STEP 1: Mounting the control box:

Using two #10-24 machine screws or two #10 self tapping screws mount the Badger control box in the cab of the vehicle. Possible locations include the top of the dash, the front of dash, floor or center console.

STEP 2: Mounting the cattle siren:

Using two 1/4” bolts mount the Badger siren to a flat surface outside the vehicle. Possible locations include under the hood, on a cake feeder or on the headache rack.

STEP 3: Wiring*

The Badger control box wire has four wires total:
A. BROWN – Wire the brown wire from the control box to the Siren (+)
B. BLUE – Wire the blue wire from the control box to the Siren (-)
C. RED – Wire the positive from the control box to the Battery (+)
D. BLACK – Wire the negative from the control box to the Battery (-)

*NOTE: A 15-amp in-line fuse (not included) is recommended to add to the RED wire that connects to the battery’s positive 12V terminal. This fuse is recommended to protect the vehicle.


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