How Do I Test a Coil?

by The PIERCE Team on 12/5/15 2:54 PM
Pump Coil

If your dump kit or bale spike isn't working, it could be the coil. Testing the coil on your pump is simple. You can locate the coil and distinguish it from the solenoid by how many posts it has. The solenoid is located on the motor, and has two posts while the coil is located on the valve and only has one post. To read more about the difference between the solenoid and the coil click here.  

How do I test a coil?

Step 1 - Make sure the pump is grounded.

Step 2 - Put 12V of power directly to the contact post (the coil only has one post).

Step 3 - Take a screwdriver or other metal tool and attempt to stick it to the coil. If the coil is working (magnetized) the metal tool will stick to the end of the coil. If it is not working the magnet is not getting a charge (magnetizing) and the tool will not stick to the coil.

Usually if your coil is not working you will only get movement in one direction.

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