How can my small business benefit from a dump kit?

by S. Heacock on 12/29/15 4:00 PM

Dump Kit Comparison Guide A PIERCE dump bed kit can be installed to your personal or company truck. The hydraulic dump kit makes the job of moving materials such as logs, gravel, dirt, etc., fast and easy. Take a look at some more common uses that can benefit your small business:

  • Easily haul dirt and gravel to job sites
  • Bags of soil or grass seed
  • Effortlessly remove sod from the truck beds
  • Fencing materials
  • Logs


  • Easier to navigate tight spots
  • Packaged insulation and materials can be more readily available
  • Bags of ready-mix concrete are that much closer to where you need it

Farm and Ranch

  • Move dirt where you need it or don't
  • Clean out pens and stalls easier
  • Grass clippings
  • T-posts and fencing materials
  • Unload materials

There are so many more uses for a PIERCE dump kit that we could could keep on going! Made in Henrietta, Texas by local people with a passion for the PIERCE company. We understand these products well. If a PIERCE hydraulic dump bed kit is a product you're interested in, just call us. We would be happy to be helpful!

Not sure if the dump hoist kits right for you? Click below for our comparison guide:

dump kit comparison guide

Watch: Stock Dump Bed Kit Installation OverviewLight Duty Dump Kit Installation
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