Pierce Electric Winch Installation Overview

by S. Heacock on 11/18/15 4:00 PM

Pierce PS654 electric winch installation overview:

Products we recommend using:

PT037 Winch Frame

PIerce tools for winch installation

PS501 Power and Ground Wire

PS025 Safety Cutoff Switch


Tools we use:

9/16” Ratchet or Socket

17” Wrench

⅜ Hex Wrench


Work Gloves

Safety Goggles

First Aid Kit


Install winch

Step 1 – After removing the winch from the box, install the angle mounts onto the winch frame (PT037).

Winch installation

Step 2 – Measure the finished frame to ensure clean placement on the truck bed.

Winch installation

Step 3 – As dimensions match, place the winch carefully on the truck bed. As shown, framing the angle mounts are an option for a clean and more finished look.

Now, mount frame using 6 grade G8 bolts, 3/8” thick.

Electrc winch installation

Step 4 – After successfully placing the winch on your truck, bolt the frame down using your lock washers and nuts.

Pierce electric winch installation overview


Step 5 – Next, connect the power cable from the solenoid to a positive power source.

Pierce winch installation

Step 6 – Wire a 4-gauge ground from the winch motor bolt directly to the negative terminal of the truck battery using the PS501 ground wire.

Pierce winch

Step 7 – Also, install and connect the safety cut off switch at any easy reachable distance from the winch. Again, we used PS501 wire.

PIerce Arrow electric winch

Step 8 – After connecting the cut off switch to the ground line to the truck battery, install the wire into the drum as shown. Feed the remaining length onto the winch drum while keeping the tension high.

Pierce winch installation

Step 9 –   Power the newly mounted and installed winch. Pull the cable in while applying resistance and tension, otherwise the cable will let use on you and get tangled on the drum

Now, your Pierce Arrow winch is ready to pull. If you have any questions or need more information contact us. Check out the installation video below.

Please note: This is intended to be an installation overview, not an exact step by step process. Before you begin read the manual directions, and follow all the safety precautions. Do not install this kit if you do not have the expertise or equipment. It is better to find a licensed converter than to put your equipment or self in danger.

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Enjoy your winch! Check out the full video here:





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