9 Best Practices for Dump Kit Installation

by Anthony Fairchild on 5/18/15 10:03 AM

Pierce Dump Kit Conversion FordWhen installing and operating your hydraulic dump bed kit there are quite a few safety measures to be aware of. Take a look at this list of best practices compiled by the PIERCE team.

Dump Bed Kit Installation Best Practices Checklist:

Read the installation manual before proceeding.

Disconnect the vehicle battery before welding.

All wires must be supported by the truck frame. Wires connected to the bed are hazardous.

When raising the bed, use an overhead hoist or body props. Be aware, injury can occur if the bed is not properly secured. Never leave the bed unattended when in the raised by a hoist or body props.

Only weld at the rear of the chassis frame. Do not weld anywhere forward of the rear spring hangers in order to prevent cracks from developing in the frame and possible weak spots during the welding process.

Never exceed the weight limit of your equipment. Refer to your vehicle's owner's manual for more information.

Install a safety cut-off switch to prevent electrical shorts.

Secure all electrical lines every 12" - 16" with zip ties.

Installation of the 200 amp breaker is required.

Following these best practices will ensure accurate and safe installation of your Pierce hydraulic dump bed kit. Good luck and happy installing!

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