Connecting your TI Lodar Transmitter AND Receiver

by Anthony Fairchild on 12/18/15 3:00 PM

TI Lodar Transmitter Here are the step-by-step instructions for connecting your TI Lodar transmitter and receiver.

Step 1 - Remove power from your Lodar receiver unit.

Step 2 - Do not turn power back on at this time to the receiver unit.

Step 3 -  Press / hold the RED & GREEN button on the handheld transmitter until the LED on top of the handheld blinks / goes out.

Step 4 - Release both the RED & GREEN buttons.

Step 5 - Restore power to your Lodar receiver unit.

Step 6 - Immediately press and hold the GREEN button only on your handheld transmitter.

Step 7 - Look for the GREEN LED to illuminate on your Lodar receiver unit. When you see this, the unit should be ready to use.

If you have issues with this procedure, please call LodarUSA service & support at 877-257-1581.


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