Badger Predator Call and Siren FAQ's

by The PIERCE Team on 3/3/17 4:03 PM

Badger Predator CallThe PIERCE Badger predator call and siren is perfect for hunting and feeding. The siren hard mounts to your vehicle, truck, ATV or UTV. Predator calls are tools for managing wildlife populations. Read on to find answers to our most frequently asked questions about the Badger.

Q. Which animal predator calls does the Badger make?

A. The predator call has the following settings:

1. Cattle siren locator
2. Distressed Rabbit 1
3. Distressed Rabbit 2
4. Jack Rabbit
5. Wood Pecker
6. Distressed Fawn

Q. Can I play music from the speaker?

A. Yes! Plug in a standard auxiliary cord (not included) into the INPUT jack. To turn on or off, press the POWER button. Choose your volume.

Q. Where do I mount the Badger electronic predator call?

A. Possible locations include the top of the dash, the front of dash, floor or center console. You can mount it on the top bar of your ATV or UTV.

Q. How do I wire the product?

A. Make sure the Badger is wired with a 15 amp in line fuse to protect your vehicle and wiring (NOT INCLUDED). For full wiring instructions read our article, "How to Install the Badger Predator Call and Siren."

Q. What are the safety or operating precautions?

  • Do not stand in front of speaker when in use.
    Do not use the siren while on a state road or highway.
    Do not mount the Badger anywhere that will obstruct your view out of the vehicle.
    Avoid mounting the siren where it will contact brush or low handing branches.
    Do not to use near people or children. Wear proper hearing protection during use.

Q. How long does the siren run?

A. Duty Cycle – continuous

Q. How loud is the Badger?

A. Decibel Level – 130 – 150 dB

Q. What size is the siren?

A. Product Dimensions – 5.2” X 8.2” X 5.7”

Q. How much does it weigh?

A. Product Weight – 5.95 lbs. Total Weight (box + product) – 6.6 lbs.

Q. How much power is required?

A. Voltage - 12 V. Ampere – 100W / .4 amp

Q. What is the warranty? 

A. The warranty is 2 years. Click here to read more about the PIERCE limited product liability warranty.

Q. What is the Badger electronic predator call made of?

A. Material Type – metal.

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