2016 FFA #pullingforyou Photo contest winners Erin Johnson & Bullard FFA

by S. Heacock on 3/23/17 12:19 PM

Erin Johnson entered her winning photo in the PIERCE FFA #pullingforyou photo challenge without her teachers knowledge says Monty Main, Ag teacher at Bullard high school.


Erin says she knew about the contest and thought the photo was perfect. Screenshot 2016-11-01 12.03.07.png

“We didn’t know Erin was going to enter the photo. The photo is actually of us on skype encouraging our kids at national convention right before their presentation. Rebecca Newborn, Hannah Loyd, and Colton Bean made the trip to national and brought home the National Championship in Model of Innovation Student Development.”

Mr. Main is one of three Ag teachers at this small high school south of Tyler, Texas. The other Mr. Stu Dildane handles all things livestock management, and the team is completed by Mrs. Charlotte Main, horticulturalist and wife to Monty. He explains they all have their own specialties, but they help each other out with everything. His focus is on Ag mechanics.

Winning the PIERCE bucks for their chapter means a PIERCE Ag mechanic project in the future. My thoughts are to incorporate the PIERCE winch into one of our projects. At PIERCE we know the fierce competition that exists in the Texas FFA Ag Mechanic project. We won’t give away any of Bullard FFA’s secrets but we can’t wait to see their project!

Monty expressed his thanks to PIERCE and went on to say:

"We currently have 487 FFA members. With three of us, having various specialties we can be skill builders. Expose them to things they didn’t even know they wanted. Kids say they just want to weld and end up liking floral design. We want to prepare them for work and life when they get out in the real world. College? Great. Trade school? Great.  Get them experience before they leave high school. After that first job they don’t ask about grades or school they ask about . WE are giving kids experience before they ever leave high school."

At PIERCE we are grateful to teachers like Charlotte Main, Monty Main, and Stu Dildane for putting in the time, dedication, and hard work of cultivating tomorrows leaders.

Click below to see how PIERCE supports the FFA through contests, scholarship, products and technical support. 



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