10 Reasons A Pierce Spotlight Comes In Handy

by The PIERCE Team on 6/26/15 12:03 PM
Wireless Remote Spotlight

If you haven't used a work light on your vehicle, here are 10 reasons a wireless remote spotlight comes in handy. Whether you’re tooling around town in a Dodge Neon or a F350, a vehicle spotlight can take your night from ho-hum to YEE-HAW.

10. Continue working regardless of the season and when the sun sets. 

9. Gigging for frogs just got a lot easier (check your local and state regulations).

8. A lighted dancefloor right by your camp fire? Coming up.

7. Spook your friends with the touch of a button. Check.

6. Find that stinky skunk quickly.

5. Check your cattle during calving season and actually know what you are looking at. 

4. Scare the lights out of burglars while on patrol.

3. Fix anything, anywhere, anytime. 

2. Winch in the rain without stepping into that unforseen muddy puddle.

 And the number one reason to get a truck spotlight?

1. At this price you can’t go wrong with some extra bright back up from a Pierce magnetic spotlight.


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