Are Electric Chain Hoists Worth the Investment?

Contributors: Chris Claeys and Tabitha Pierce

Our installation, assembly, winch and repair shops are in constant demand. Daily we build light to medium duty equipment that range from a hundred pounds to several hundred pounds. Before we invested in electric chain hoists, we did much of the work with a manual lift or by pure strength. Though manual lifts prevent you from spending more money on equipment, we’ve found three applications in our own everyday business where electric chain hoists are worth the investment – both to save time and ensure your team is safe.



Before we used electric chain hoists: One dump kit piece might weigh 100 lbs. That’s not crazy heavy but imagine you are assembling dump kits in the middle of winter and lifting a dump kit scissor piece. You’ve got to lift it and set it on the table for assembly. Though strong enough to lift 100 lbs., you end up smashing your finger and straining your back lifting while bending and placing the steel piece. Ouch – my job stinks.

After we used electric chain hoists: Our jobs became so much easier. The overhead hoist eliminated the possibility that our guys might smash their fingers. We use the hoist to assist the team on every aspect of the assembly and fabrication process. I recommend these hoists to any shop doing any type of production – whether you are a big shop or small, one-man shop. We all need equipment that can ensure our safety and give us a helping hand. 


Before we used electric chain hoists: To continue the example of the dump kit, it’s important to note that we used to run a conversion shop. Under our retail brand, Pierce Sales, we did installs for the wrecker industry for several decades and locally for ranchers, fleet and civic agencies. In the early days of opening the shop, when we had a dump kit install, we’d raise the bed of a truck with a bulky forklift and then prop it up on stilts. Also, when the scissor would need to be positioned, we would use manpower to lift up the scissor, and a 2×4 or piece of steel scrap to prop it up. This process took a long time, not to mention the safety aspect and we didn’t like wearing out our team. Plus, our forklift really needed to be used in the warehouse or our steel yard. 

After we used electric chain hoists: We evolved and used the electric chain hoists to quickly lift the bed by just securing the bed to the hoist hook properly and pressing the button. Easy. No more running large equipment in the shop. With the overhead hoist we could raise and lower a bed quickly and easily. Our installation process and timing greatly improved.


Before we used electric chain hoists: For over thirty years we’ve assembled and repaired PS654 winches in our shop and had many years to perfect our process. Much of the work to lift winches from the ground to the repair table was done manually. Our worm gear winches can be from 70 lbs. – up to 200 lbs. Imagine lifting winches dozens of times in a given morning. By lunchtime, I’d want to quit.

After we used electric chain hoists: Now, there is little backbreaking work in the repair shop. With the use of the electric chain hoist our shop can more quickly move winches in the repair line, do the repair and return the winch.

Are you looking to improve your shop and be able to assemble, install or repair equipment more efficiently? Are electric chain hoists worth the investment? An electric chain hoist or a mini chain hoist will make your team’s job so much easier regardless of the project size.In agriculture a great addition can be a chain hoist for a barn. In addition, you will know that your team is safe and won’t experience smashed fingers or aching backs. Once you smash your finger a couple times in the North Texas winter, you’ll be ready for a PIERCE chain hoist too.

Chris Claeys


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