6 Products For Your Farm or Ranch

Life in the country. Tending a field, tilling the soil, raising animals. Feedings in the rain. Late night searches for calves.

It’s as hard as it is rewarding.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a helping hand. At PIERCE we make products that do just that.

Let’s make things easier this year on your farm or ranch. These 6 products can take some of the heavy lifting out of your day:

bale spear

Bale Spike – The bale spike can easily be installed to your truck bed to make moving round bales into pastures quick and easy. The PIERCE hydraulic bale spear comes in two options: bolt in or secured to a 2 5/16″ gooseneck ball.


truck spotlight

Spotlights – A PIERCE truck spotlight lights up the night. Spotlights are great for late night searches, hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities. The spotlight mounts magnetically for easy installation. Illuminating up to 1.8 miles at night depending on conditions such as weather and moonlight.


cattle siren

Cattle Sirens – Call in cattle from the truck without using your own horn. The heavy duty siren reaches up to a mile away.


dump kit

Dump Bed Kit – A PIERCE hydraulic dump kit can help you do all kinds of dirty work. This conversion effectiviely turns the bed of your truck to a dump truck with a hydraulic scissor lift. After being easily installed to the back of your truck, all you have to do is load it up, move it out, and use the remote to dump.

bale mover 

Digital Cattle Cube Counter – A digital counter can make it easier to track just how much your cattle is eating.

three point attachments

Hay Bale Unroller – The hay bale unroller, easily unrolls 4, 5, or 6 foot hay bales. The unroller is crafted right here at PIERCE in Henrietta, Texas. The three point attachment is easy to assemble and attach.

PIERCE products are warrantied, long lasting, and come with the support of the PIERCE team. If you have an issue we’re here to help. PIERCE products are designed to bring efficiency and ease to your day to day work on the farm or ranch. If you have any questions, we would love to get to know you and your needs, contact us!


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Free Shipping

Please note that items such as our dump kits or hay bale spikes may have free shipping promotions that are valid despite being over the stated 120 lb. limit shown here.