10 Reasons to Hunt in the Battle of the Beards

battle of the beardsFor 10 years, Turkey Fest has entertained our local community with festival fun around the square, an incredible World Championship Invitational featuring pro-teams from familiar hunting shows and an amateur Rio Grande turkey hunting competition called Battle of the Beards. 


Pierce has supported Turkey Fest in various ways and watched the event grow from a local event to a Texas-known experience. This year, we are sponsoring the Battle of the Beards. If you’ve never hunted or are an experienced gobbler, this is a great way to get back to nature and listen to those turkeys hollar in the North Texas woods.
So, take a look at 10 reasons to hunt in the Battle of the Beards:
10. Come see Pierce while you weigh in your bird.
9. Show off your prize bird in the Pierce photo booth. Don’t forget to post a picture and tag it #turkeyfest2016. 
turkey fest banquet
8. On Saturday night, enjoy an incredible buffet dinner decorated by our very own Ginger Schaffner and her dream team from Creative Elegance. 
7. Rub shoulders with pro-teams while they weigh-in their daily Turkey Fest bird.
6. Support our local community. Your participation helps the Henrietta and Clay County Chamber raise funds for important projects including community beatification, supporting non-profit projects and allowing the doors to our welcome center stay open.
turkey fest pie eating contest
5. Teach your kids safe hunting practices and let them participate in the kid’s division.
4. Enjoy a full day festival around our historic square in Henrietta. For a full schedule of events, click here.
3. You could grow out your beard; though the true Battle of the Beards prize is for the highest-marked Turkey.
turkey fest turkey races
2. Hunt anywhere in Texas or Oklahoma during the week of April 9th and bring your prize bird to Turkey Fest for weigh-in.
1. Battle it out with other turkey hunters to win $1,000 for the top bird. 
We are excited for the 10th year of Turkey Fest.  We hope to see you this year! For more information about the Battle of the Beards, visit the Turkey Fest website

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